THE GOTHSICLES are THE INDUSTRIAL OPTION WHAT NOW HAILS FROM BOSTON and are fronted by Brian Graupner. From dimensional rifts and the sea’s cold abyss emanates STYGIAN RHYTHMS AND DANCE MECHANISMS. It’s mostly four on the floor EBM for nerds.


No upcoming concerts or festivals.

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I'll be appearing on a multi-channel broadcast betwixt the following the channels, July 28 between 6 and 7pm EST!

I can't tell you which game we'll be playing, but much like my new FitBit, there will be several fatal steps.

MagnusMKI - Twitch
PS2 - Oh boy, magically reconstructed graveyards!
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Aw man, I don't know if I'll be home to watch. Damn it. If I am I'll swing in.

Daily occurrence here in Boston #Soundwave ... See MoreSee Less

Daily occurrence here in Boston #Soundwave

Picked up a FitBit, gonna post calories burned after the next live set.

(Researching that exercise video e'erybody tells me to make. Prepare to NES_ercise!)
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Can you even wear that with a Power Glove, though?

You will somehow short it out with ridiculous amounts of sweat, especially if it is on the Power Glove arm.