THE GOTHSICLES are THE INDUSTRIAL OPTION WHAT NOW HAILS FROM BOSTON and are fronted by Brian Graupner. From dimensional rifts and the sea’s cold abyss emanates STYGIAN RHYTHMS AND DANCE MECHANISMS. It’s mostly four on the floor EBM for nerds.


It's Ice Hockey for the NES.


This track produced by Vasi from REAPER.

This video by Adam Alvarez, who is awesome:

electronic hockey in the 1980s
balances dexterity and heavyweights these
avatars of alacrity
and physical prowess
are available in averages
of swiftness and power

skate right
fist fight

four fat guys
four skinny guys
four medium

or two fat guys
and two skinny guys
or combinations thereof

four fat guys
four skinny guys
or four in between

differing degrees of strength and speed
will make up the team

we’re running out of lyrics at a minute 30 in
because the premise of this song is embarrassingly thin
in just a couple of beats, we’ll bring back the chorus
with the middle guy, the speedy guy and also the tortoise

skate right
fist fight
skate quick
high sticks

4 fat guys
win every time
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so good. Jamie Baxter Stephen Watson

This was stuck in my head yesterday.

1 week ago

The Gothsicles (official)

ready to drop some hot fire ... See MoreSee Less

ready to drop some hot fire
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