THE GOTHSICLES are DANCE DESPERADOS WHAT HAIL FROM CHICAGO and are fronted by Brian Graupner. From dimensional rifts and the sea’s cold abyss emanates HYPERACTIVE INDUSTRIAL THAT’S FULLY COMBUSTIBLE. It’s mostly four on the floor EBM for nerds.


Holy audiophllic idyllic acrylics, Volt 9000 painted a gd picture of me!
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This weeks featured musician is Brian Graupner of The Gothsicles. I met Brian outside Aftermath Festival. A band mate and myself were walking down the sidewalk and he just runs up to us telling us how much he enjoyed an album we had recently put out. We were both pretty nervous about the show, didn't really know what we were doing (still don't) and he just came out of nowhere and totally uplifted our spirits. Following him and The Gothsicles, it's refreshing to see someone so naturally energetic and positive in an otherwise stark and often depressing genre. Truth be told, I'm naturally pretty negative. I make an attempt to be positive. I see people like Brian and they are just so naturally bursting at the seams with friendly vibes. Which is why I painted him not only in a spotlight, but as a beacon of light himself. If he one day gets too depressed or negative, hopefully he might glance at this pic and it might make him crack a smile.

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It's the Wide Area Network Tour 2016!

August 6th - Mesa, AZ (Game On Expo)
August 13th - Cincinnati, OH (Fade to Black)
August 16th through the 22nd - Gothic Cruise to Alaska!
August 26th - Elk Grove Village, IL (FuMPFeST)
October 15th - Chicago (w/ VAC)
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WRECK HECK ON THE ELECTRIC DECKS with DJ Fishdick on after The QuickdrawMcGrawthsicles in Mesa, AZ for the Game On Expo where you can totally meet the voice of Master Chief.
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ToXin: Black Light Party at The Grid

August 6, 2016, 8:00pm - August 7, 2016, 4:00am

::: Calling all Mermaids, Pirates, and all you Naughty Nauticals!!! ::: Yeah... there have been some changes to toXin this month, for the better of course :) We are switching to a more... uhm... fishy theme ;) This is just the fun THING you NEED in your LIFE right now!! SURPRISE GUEST!! yep, toXin is the same weekend as the Game On Con, and you get so much added value FOR FREE!! The (in)famous DJ Fishdick will be joining our party, you don't want to miss this!!!! AND our scheduled guests... wait for it... from Mess N Phetamine: DJ Squalor Toby Tyler Heidebrink (SADISCO* mastermind, HexRx) @DJ $&M (SADISCO*, CUPCAKE!, straynge, u_s*) know you've been waiting for all this weird stompy goodness.... ;) Dress in your best oceanic slime and please join us August 6th at The Grid: Games and Growlers at 525 S Gilbert Rd A-7 in Mesa for a naughty nautical themed black-lit industrial dance party, amazing craft beer, drinks specials, and every type of gaming known to man, woman or child! NO COVER 21+ Music at 8 pm I would like to thank the Grid barcade for creating a fun, laid-back, and supportive atmosphere for this event, please check them out if you are ever in the East Valley, for toXin or not, you know you want to!! ;) The event will be live broad-casted here: See you in August!! :) DJ Sinaptik

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