THE GOTHSICLES are THE INDUSTRIAL OPTION WHAT NOW HAILS FROM BOSTON and are fronted by Brian Graupner. From dimensional rifts and the sea’s cold abyss emanates STYGIAN RHYTHMS AND DANCE MECHANISMS. It’s mostly four on the floor EBM for nerds.


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3 days ago

The Gothsicles (official)

Metro Pirate Radio


Tonight on Metro Pirate Radio - The Music That Made Me Episode #2 we will be hosting our first guest.

He recently moved from Chicago to Boston and is currently struggling with a severe dairy addiction.

His superpowers include sonic screams, superhuman sweating, pundertaking, and starting side-projects.

He is also looking for the best deck-building games for the iphone (so, post your suggestions in the comments).

If you haven't guessed who this is, I'll tell you.

The genius mastermind behind The Gothsicles (official) and Tigersquawk Records (and more side-projects than I can even name), Brian Graupner carries one of the most unique, unusual and brilliantly clever minds I know.

Guaranteed NSFW, you can look forward to learning about some of the music that has influenced Brian, both as a person and in his career. You will also get to hear some of the inside stories of his life. This may or may not include his superhero origin story.

Anyway about it, this is certainly going to be entertaining!!!

Wesley Willis - Eat That Mule Shit
Skip - Penis Face
Astronaut Ice Cream Headache - Battery
Neuroverse - Gashed Circuitry
(ORB) - Worse Than It Was (
Isserley - I Know Where You Live (A Mental Mindmix by Syrinx)
Pill Brigade - Bruce Spence
Sex Death Religion - Straight From The Devil
Angelspit - Taller The Tower (

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This Friday the 13th, having seXML gets you killed by JSON. ... See MoreSee Less


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Only at Camp Crystal Reports.

1 week ago

The Gothsicles (official)

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“Describe yourself in four shoes.” ... See MoreSee Less

“Describe yourself in four shoes.”


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I only have 3