THE GOTHSICLES are DANCE DESPERADOS WHAT HAIL FROM CHICAGO and are fronted by Brian Graupner. From dimensional rifts and the sea’s cold abyss emanates HYPERACTIVE INDUSTRIAL THAT’S FULLY COMBUSTIBLE. It’s mostly four on the floor EBM for nerds.


In just a few days, we hit the last ever Wicked Winter Renaissance Final Fair 2016!

Then it's on to close out the last ever Resistanz Festival!

If it ends up being the last ever GothicCruise Original, Micah and I will personally swim everyone to safety.
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Gigantic, throbbing freeness!
Guest vox on Insane Ian's cover of MC Lars's "Zombie T-Rex"!

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Zombie T-Rex (featuring darkNES of the Gothsicles) by Insane Ian, released 04 February 2016 VERSE 1: The zombie t-rex is back, undead swag with that old-school rap ‘Cause it’s Kurtis Blow with that Nerdist flow, getting pterodactyl fly on the track Three records deep, seven EPs, one greatest hits, g…

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